Tax and Engineering Solutions for CPA

Tax and Engineering Solutions for CPAs

The time is now to discover tens of thousands of dollars in tax incentives!

The time is now for businesses to seize the significant savings available to them.
Look to CRG to find substantial tax benefits for your clients with our no-obligation pro bono analysis.

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CRG provides detailed tax and engineering strategies to capture the maximum in federal tax incentives for your client or company. Cut through  tax code confusion. Get engineering and accounting in sync to reap dramatic benefits!

Capital Review Group (CRG) is an experienced and highly respected national firm that specializes in tax strategies designed to maximize savings for businesses and commercial building owners.  The CRG accounting and engineering staff are available to discuss applicable tax benefits for commercial property and business owners.

Working with advisors who understand tax strategies such as: Tangible Property, Section 179D Tax Deductions, Interstate use tax issues,  abandonment, cost segregation, R&D credits, hiring and employment credits (WOTC) and various state tax deductions that are available to qualified businesses.  CRG provides a holistic business strategy that takes full advantage of tax benefits available to commercial building owners and potentially provides capital for property expenditures.

CRG’s team of experts will:

  • Capture unused depreciable life of abandoned capital assets
  • Perform analysis of real property assets to determine over payments
  • Utilize budget planning tools that integrate cost, depreciation schedules and useful capital life of assets
  • CRG is also fully qualified to provide the third-party certification required to claim federal tax incentives available for §179D deductions.
  • Review sales transactions to ensure compliance with complex sales and use tax laws and help clients avoid costly over payment errors
  • Assess clients’ research and development activities to determine qualification for tax credits under § 41
  • Aid businesses in the hiring process to capture the benefits of the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit

CRG provides the engineering and analysis to help your client’s capture the maximum federal tax incentives.  Contact CRG for a pro-bono analysis for your clients.

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