Cost Segregation Study Analysis

Cost Segregation Study Analysis

We’ve helped thousands of clients minimize taxes through Cost Segregation and other depreciation strategies, resulting in millions in new found dollars.

Approved by the IRS, Cost Segregation is a strategy for reclassifying specific assets from “Real Property” into “Tangible Personal Property”. It’s not new, but it is not widely understood.

We’re specialists—engineers, architects and accounting personnel with specialized focus. We understand the ins and outs of creating a Cost Segregation Study Analysis that exceeds the IRS guidelines to maximize value for our clients.

Why depreciate an asset over as much as 39 years when you might be able to get measurable and significant tax savings in as little as five?

Benefit Illustration
Based on the cost of the hotel and the improvements that were done, a hotel owner was able to reclassify 29% of the hotel assets to short-lived assets and saved approximately $700,000 in taxes over a 5-year period.

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