What is Cost Segregation?

According to Wikipedia, cost segregation “is the process of identifying personal property assets that are grouped with real property assets, and separating out personal assets for tax reporting purposes. A cost segregation analysis identifies and reclassifies personal property assets to shorten the depreciation time for taxation purposes, which reduces current income tax obligations. Personal property […]

What are the Benefits of Cost Segregation?

Cost Segregation is the process of segregating the costs associated with the specific commercial real property investments in real estate. Commerical real property is depreciated over 39 years (or 27.5 years for commercial residential). In order to qualify for Cost Segregation, properties must have been constructed, acquired, or renovated after 1986, under the IRS guidelines. The […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CAPITAL REVIEW GROUP ADDS JORDAN TAYLOR TO THE CAPITAL DISCOVERY™ TEAM Phoenix, AZ – April 25, 2011 Phoenix-based consulting firm, Capital Review Group (CRG), has announced that Jordan Taylor, joins Capital Review Group as the new Director of Taxation. Jordan has joined CRG to provide tax expertise for the firm’s Capital Discovery™ […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phoenix, AZ – National consulting firm, Capital Review Group (CRG), announced the appointment of energy industry leader, Ben Montclair, as President, effective immediately.  Montclair brings a strong background in finance and solar project development to the company, leading CRG in their unique whole-facility approach to energy management and savings to clients through […]

Informed Savings with Energy Audits

In today’s economy, every business is looking for ways to reduce operating expenses.  With the prominence of green business practices in the national consciousness, corporate management may pressure building owners or facility managers to find ways to reduce utility/energy bills as a “quick fix” to provide instant savings.  “Energy efficient” has become a buzzword used […]

Making Sense of 2005 Energy Policy Act Tax Deductions

If you have made significant energy saving upgrades to your building, or are in the process of incorporating energy efficient systems into a new commercial construction project, you may be wondering if you are eligible for tax deductions under the 2005 Energy Policy Act.  You may also be wondering how these measures may pay off […]

Prepare for Budgeting and Capital Assets with a Reserve Study

In the current economy, it is especially important to take a pro-active rather than reactive approach in business operations, especially as it relates to protecting your capital assets. A Reserve Study is a valuable budgeting planning tool that provides data for a property’s major repairs, replacements and/or required upgrades. The study gives a clear picture […]

US Dept of Energy Article Worth Repeating on First Clean Energy Ministerial

Secretary Chu Announces Initiatives to Promote Clean Energy at First Clean Energy Ministerial (US Dept. of Energy) July 20, 2010 At the world’s first Clean Energy Ministerial, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced that the United States is helping launch more than 10 international clean energy initiatives. These initiatives will cut energy waste; help […]

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