Latest article in Hotel Executive: “Tax Deductions: Application of §179D for Hotel Properties”

Today, Marky Moore’s article: “Tax Deductions: Application of §179D for Hotel Properties” has been published in Hotel Executive ( to review a case study for a hotel and important information on the application of  Section 179D for hotel properties.  Here’s an excerpt: In today’s economy, saving on operating costs has become an essential goal for hotel property owners. Many hotel owners […]

Primary Designers Act Quickly to Take Advantage of §179D Tax Deductions

Primary Designers, it is urgent to evaluate open tax years as the §179D Tax Deductions will become unavailable once the open year closes.  Primary designers MUST file an amended return to claim the deduction for open years and may not file Form 3115 “Change of Accounting” form to claim the deductions per new ruling by the IRS. With […]

US Senate and Energy and Natural Resources Committee Letter Addressing Changes to the Energy Efficiency Initiatives under §179D

Last week we sent out correspondence in support of changes to the initiatives under discussion in the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.  Our objective was to point out the multiple imperatives: Demand reduction/conservation – as well as the need to protect the Federal Treasury and the support of the Federal deductions under §179D.   §179D meets […]

Interesting Noesis Energy Blog Post: “Five Market Forces Pushing Energy Retrofits”

We just became a member on Noesis Energy –  a FREE platform of tools and reports that automates analysis, bench marking and monitoring for building energy use.  This site also has a great portfolio of tools for access to incentives (under-works) and is a Social Media platform for the Energy and Sustainability Professional to engage in.  We […]

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