Great article on “The Math Changes on Bulbs” from the Wall Street Journal

This article warrants consideration and a read:  “The Math Changes on Bulbs” by Kate Linebaugh Wall Street Journal. Kate Linebaugh covers not only the cost savings of replacing standard bulbs with LED bulbs for energy efficiency, but also the cost-savings associated with “lowered maintenance costs.”  LED’s savings from energy use to labor savings is one […]

Tax Opportunities Through Abandonment

If you are considering making improvements to a commercial building, there are various tax strategies that may apply to your particular situation.  One of these is abandonment, which allows the taxpayer to reduce the tax burden when replacing assets that exist within a building.  So, if your green building strategy includes replacing metal halide lighting […]

Financing Commercial HVAC and Building Controls with §179D Deductions

Business and building owners often face a dilemma when considering replacing or updating their HVAC system.  Although operating an energy efficient HVAC system saves money for business and building owners in the long run, many are concerned by significant first cost.  Too often the recommendation is to retrofit an existing building with energy efficient HVAC […]

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