How to Pay for Energy Efficiency without a Bank Loan or Tapping Your Business Equity

Although creating an energy efficient facility saves money for business and building owners in the long run, the cost of getting there can be prohibitive.  You might want to retrofit your existing building with energy efficient lighting, HVAC or upgrades to the building envelope in order to save money on energy costs, but you’ve first […]

Building Envelopes – How can Capital Expenses Save You Money?

In today’s economic climate, does it make sense to invest in your building by making “green” improvements? Potential savings on energy costs over time make the idea of spending now more attractive, but it’s hard to project exactly what your future savings will be. There is another reason to make energy efficient improvements to your […]

Building Automation Control Systems Can Take Efficiency to the Next Level

Many building owners and occupants looking to cut operating expenses and improve energy efficiency naturally look to replacing or upgrading systems such as HVAC and lighting.  If done right, with planning and knowledge of how systems interact, this is usually an effective step towards reducing expenses and energy usage. However, it is important to plan […]

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