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Tax Incentives White Paper Resource Library

Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing and Architects may qualify for
lucrative Tax Credits through Research and Develpment Tax Credits:

“…activities that may qualify for this tax credit …”

WOTC Work Opportunity Tax Credit

“…how to get paid for new hires through Federal tax laws …”

Owners in Need of an Offset to Taxes? Look to Cost Segregation

“…Owning a commercial property provides many tax benefits to the taxpayer, particularly in the areas of depreciation expense in relation to cash flow …”

How to Reduce Client’s Tax Liability: The Dollars are Within their Building Walls

crg-whitepaperBenefits Of The Cost Segregation

“…The application of a Cost Segregation Study may significantly reduce your client’s tax liability and provide needed cash flow for other business endeavors…”

Gone, but Not Forgotten – Since Sunsetting the Opportunity for §179D Still Remains

crg-whitepaperTax Deductions for Energy Efficient
Construction or Improvement Projects

…it’s important to remember that tax deductions reduce the taxpayer’s overall taxable income…”

Passive Activity and Cost Segregation

crg-whitepaperHow do you take advantage of
cost segregation when the property
is owned by a passive LLC?

“….generally one or more trade or business activities or rental activities may be treated as a single activity ….an appropriate economic unit…”