About Capital Review Group

Our Mission

Capital Review Group is a multi-disciplined energy and incentives solutions leader.

About Capital Review Group

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Capital Review Group is a specialized national consulting firm combining facility engineering with tax accounting to discover maximum tax incentives for building owners and commercial facilities.

CRG uses existing tax law to create lasting financial value/benefit

Since 2004, CRG has been a leading partner for CPAs, building owners, contractors, engineering firms, and architects in co-creating strategies to improve clients’ return on investment through efficient design and tax incentives. CRG puts our proven Capital Discovery® process to work for clients, using our knowledge of tax incentives to maximize depreciation and paybacks on capital investments.

We will customize our strategy to your business and find the best incentives to save you the most money. Contact us today to capture Federal tax benefits linked to your commercial property.  Ask about our Pro Bono analysis.